HSS Japan Commends Community for Overwhelming Response to Cloth Recycling Drive

HSS Japan resumed their annual Sewa activity i.e. cloth recycle drive on 27th May 2023 across Japan at different Shakha level. Resuming cloth recycling drive after the COVID pandemic received a huge response from our community members and in response we have collected around 1750 KG collectively from all Shakha’s collection point location. It’s also clear that out community members are enthusiastic about HSS Japan’s cloth recycling Sewa activity and are actively participating in the initiative.

With this year’s spring cloth recycle drive, we have collected 7,050 KG cloths till date for the needy.

We have sent majorly all cloths to the local NPO in Japan & Adarsh Nagar, Delhi for Hindu refugee brothers and sisters and also reserved a huge stock of cloths for Adarsh Nagar, Delhi for the next shipment. We also want to thank those who helped spread the word about this event and encouraged others to get involved and provided financial contribution to cover the postage cost.

Special thanks to our Swayamsevak’s commitment and being an integral part of this cloth recycling drive.

With sincere gratitude,

HSS Japan

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