HSS Japan Shivaji Shakha, Yokohama

Yokohama HSS Shakha (Shivaji Shakha)

Yokohama is home for various manufacturing industries and also home for Indian expats living here, but community lacked connection. Recently HSS Japan has started Yokohama Shakha from 2018 and it is getting much popularity by holding Monthly shakha and various events.

Shakha Details
This is Pariwarik(Family) Shakha, Balgokulam, Monthly Shakha with average count of 30~35 and increasing.


Yokohama Kids are founding is very interesting with various activites. They play, make clay arts(Ganesha idol making workshop), Ghosh(the Music classes for Kids), International Yoga Day, & other festivals. Learn moral values and enjoy their time in balgokulam !! Let us join together to have much fun.


Yokohama City, Midori Ku, Kirigaoka, 3-7-9, Kayaba Park

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