What is Shakha in HSS?

Each chapter of HSS is known as Shakha – a monthly program for the entire family. While the kids enjoy learning via inspiring stories, youth and adults also participate in activities such as games, songs, discussions, and lectures on Hindu Vedic culture. We strongly emphasize the physical, intellectual and spiritual growth of each individual and also promote a sense of discipline.

Current Working HSS Japan Shakha List

We are currently Holding various Shakhas across different prefecture in Japan from North to South and is expanding year by year.

Shakhas are currently Active in Kanto Region of Japan: (mainly family Shakhas in nature), are regularly happening on weekly basis in following locations.

1.Tokyo : 6 Shakha

2. Kanagawa : 4 Shakha

3. Saitama : 1 shakha

4.Chiba : 1 Shakha

5. Shizuoka : 1 Shakha

6. Osaka : 1 Shakha

7. Nagoya : 1 Shakha

8. Hokkaido : 1 Shakha