International Yoga Day and Surya Namaskar Yagna 2020

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga 2020 (#IDY2020) HSS Japan we would like to express our deepest appreciation and respect for all those around the world who are fighting against the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. We would also like to inform you that we are doing “#Suryanamaskar_Yagna” (सूर्यनमस्कार यज्ञ) since last 70+ days across the Japan (Currently 24 places covered) We have around 300 Swamsevaks participating and SuryaNamaskar Count is already 1,00,000 + ( one Lakh + ) and counting… “Suryanamaskar Yagna” : An initiative which can help people both spiritually and physically during this difficult time. Regards, HSS Japan

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