International Yoga Day June 21

Tokyo Yogathon 2015

We are happy to share the details on “Tokyo Yogathon 2015” to be held on June-21, which has been declared as International Yoga Day by United Nations in Dec-2014.

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 Tokyo Yogathon 2015

Event Ticket Counter

Address/Volunteer Location Phone#
Delhi Dhabha 6-12-9 Nishi-Kasai Nishi Kasai 080-3312-6677
Govinda’s 2-23-4 Funabori Funabori 03-6808-2157
Mumbai restaurant, 3-1-1 Marunouchi Hibiya/Yurakucho 090-6539-8757
Amara restaurant, 1F Lazona, Kawasaki
Ajay Narula
Kawasaki 090-6035-5820
Rajiv Bhadwaj
Shin-Juku 080-3506-5758
Rajesh Kushwah
Ojima 080-3593-6688
Keshav Shastri
Chiba 080-3757-7240
Atul Goel
Okachimachi 090-7272-074

Lets do yoga together!
Online registration is closed!
Instructor registration is closed!
You can attend on the same day.




日程         : 6月21日 (日曜)
時間         : 8:30〜15:00 ※詳細はスケジュールをご覧ください
料金         : 500円
場 所         : グローバルインディアンインターナショナルスクール
〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西8-3-13
お問い合わせ     :
電話         : 090-6539-8757, 070-5566-5689

協賛: インド大使館
企画: HSS日本


Date                                     :     June 21 2015 (Sun)
Time           :     8:30~15:00 ※Please refer Schedule for detail
Admission                          :     500 Yen
*Free yoga mat for pre registered participants. Online registration closed. 
Where                                 :     Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo
8-3-13 Nishi Kasai, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo 134-0088
Contact                               :
Phone                                  :    090-6539-8757, 070-5566-5689

This event is organized by HSS Japan in collaboration with Embassy of India, Tokyo


We would like to encourage the participants to continue doing Yoga on regular basis even after the event. For that we are planning to distribute Yoga booklets for all the participants and Yoga mats for pre-registered participants. In addition to this there will be further details available in Yoga gallery and stalls by various pro-Yoga institutes being active in Tokyo.


セッション1      : 09:00~09:45 ※受付開始 8:30~
セッション2      : 10:00~10:45 ※受付開始 9:30~
セッション3      : 11:00~11:45 ※受付開始 10:30~
みんなとヨガ      : 12:00〜12:30 ※皆さん参加できます。瞑想が中心です。
セッション4      : 13:00~13:45  ※受付開始 11:30~12:00


Session 1                           : 09:00~09:45  ※Registration starts at 8:30~
Session 2                          : 10:00~10:45  ※Registration starts at 9:30~
Session 3                          : 11:00~11:45  ※Registration starts at 10:30~
Yoga with all                   : 12:00~12:30 ※This is open for all. Main concept is meditation.
Session 4                          : 13:00~13:45 ※Registration starts at 11:30~12:00




Each session is of 45 minutes.
3 instructor will get 15 minutes each to perform yoga asanas (poses).
All participants will follow the instructor and do yoga.
In parallel to Yoga sessions there will be yoga video and yoga & ayurveda related seminar.


1.  ヨガギャラリー、動画、その他展示はいつでもご覧いただけます。
2. 事前申し込みをされた方にはヨガマットをプレゼントします。
3.  参加者全員へヨガポーズの小冊子をプレゼントします。
4.  会場にはロッカー・更衣室等の設備はありません。
5. お子様はキッズコーナーをご利用いただけます。
6. ベジタリアンランチを提供いたします(有料)
7. ヨガを始める8時間前から何も食べないでください。
8. 妊娠中の方ご遠慮ください。
9. 会場には駐車場の準備はございませんので、公共交通機関をご利用ください。


1. Yoga gallery, videos and other attractions are available for all time.
2. Yoga booklet will be distributed to all participants.
3. Yoga mat will be distributed to only pre registered participants.
4. No cloakroom and changing room available.
5. Kids corner will be there, so that kids can play when you will attend a yoga session.
6. Green lunch will be available as an optional service.
7. Please don’t eat anything 8 hours before yoga session.
8. Pregnant ladies please avoid yoga session.
9. No parking available.

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